RAH "Braveheart" Tattoo

First Half

Senior Pipe Major Roger Huth opens the evening playing but not seen                                                         

Opening & Welcome speech by Robert the Bruce.

Robert the Bruce                                    

My lords & ladies. Our story is about freedom alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself. Such a man is William Wallace the greatest of all Scottish heroes.

But we begin in England in Royal surroundings. It is 1289 and the infant Margaret "Maid of Norway" is heir to the Scottish throne after the death of her grandfather Alexander III.

The treaty of Salisbury signed by the Scots, English & Norwegians betrothes Edward I's, son to Margaret but retains Scotland's right of independence.

Edward I "Longshanks" sends army to Scotland to rout the Scots.

Edward "Longshanks"                               

The unfortunate death of Margaret, "Maid of Norway" put paid to my plan to rule Scotland without waging war. The new claimants John Balliol & Robert Bruce both swore allegiance to me - only for Balliol to sign a treaty with France.

It caused me to take my army to Scotland and rid myself of the filth. By the end of 1296 I had Balliol begging forgiveness. The red & gold arms were ripped from his tunic and Scotland became mine. As king, I claimed my right to the Stone of Scone (pronounced Scoone) - the "Stone of Destiny" upon which all Scottish kings are crowned. I have it safe in Westminster Abbey!

Not all the Scots have submitted to my will and I am hearing stories of a rebel named William Wallace, who has murdered my Sheriff of Clydesdale and is inciting the Scots to fight again. I will have the Earl of Surrey lead an army to Scotland to put an end to this upstart once and for all.

Surrey. I command you to rid me of this man Wallace. Go to it man, make haste - I want his head!

Combined Constabulary Bands

Warlike English Music

Opening speech by William Wallace calling his army to Stirling

William Wallace                                       

The English killed my wife, they have taken my country and they want my life. I will never submit to an English king and have led my small but loyal band of men to many a victory and laid waste many an English knave!

On this, the 11th day of September 1297 I call upon all Scots to join me here in Stirling to teach the English a lesson they will never forget - come now and fight for Scotland!

Massed Pipes & Drums                       

Cock o' the North + Pibroch of Donald Dhu

William Wallace freedom speech

I am William Wallace.                                    

Piper - William Wallace is 7 feet tall!


Yes, I've heard. Kills men by the hundreds, and if he were here he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse. I am William Wallace, and I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight as free men and free men you are. What would you do without freedom? Will ye fight?

Old soldier - No. The English are too many. We will run and we will live!


Aye, fight and you may die, run and you will live. At least a while.

And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freeeedom.

Massed Pipes & Drums                       

Scotland the Brave                                                                            

Galloway Hills                 

Rowan Tree

Old Rustic Bridge

William Wallace acknowledges victory at Stirling and asks his army to follow him to finally rid Scotland of English domination

William Wallace                                       

Our victory today will be known in history as the Battle of Stirling Bridge. By letting the English cavalry ride across the bridge and into the marsh we were able to pick them off with our schiltrons (pronounced Skiltrons). So few at a time were able to cross the bridge that they perished by our sword until no more could cross because of the pile of dead men and horses. You are the "Flower of Scotland". We must fight on until we rid our country of Longshanks's army and we have our own king for Scotland and freedom for our people.

Massed Pipes & Drums                       

Flower of Scotland                                                

Bonnie Dundee                                                                       

Robert the Bruce narrates that Scotland rejoice at the victory and the people have new hope

Robert the Bruce                                          

Scotland rejoices at this victory and for a further 8 months Sir William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland, leads his men to further successes. He has given the people of Scotland new hope where none was thought possible and sent Edward, the "Hammer of the Scots" home to think again.

Country Dancers                                                        

Reel of the 51st, Pipers Brae, Glayva (Reel,Str,Jig)

Highland Dancers

Arrangement Corby Dancers                                                       

Edward Longshanks comes with his army and wins at Falkirk after "negotiations" with the Scottish nobles.

Edward "Longshanks"                         

Two Scots lords tell me that Wallace and his army are camped at Falkirk. I have 12500 battle hardened foot soldiers and 2000 cavalry. On this 22nd day of July in the year of our lord 1298 I will smash the Scots and rid myself of this man Wallace. He has not faced an army such as this and without any natural defences. I will cut them to ribbons with my Welsh bowmen and then charge them with my cavalry until they are crushed.

Combined Constabulary Bands - "warlike English tunes"       

Edward Longshanks - 1305 Wallace is captured + tortured.

Edward "Longshanks"                               

It is 1305. Although after my victory at Falkirk Wallace took to the hills, he has at last come out of hiding. Already he has been betrayed by his countryman Sir John de Mentieth and I have him now in the Tower of London. I will have him tortured and if he does not swear allegiance and beg my forgiveness I will have him hung, drawn and quartered. His entrails will be burnt before his dying eyes.

His head will be placed above London Bridge. The four quarters of his body will be despatched to all parts of the kingdom to serve as a warning to those who dare to cross me Edward king of England, Wales and Scotland.

Robert the Bruce tells of William Wallace's courage and death with Scotland's fight renewed by his martyrdom.

Robert the Bruce                              

Although William Wallace died a cruel but brave death at the hands of Edward Longshanks, he never gave in to Edward and proclaimed Scotland's right to freedom right to his death. His martyrdom enabled me to take up the fight for the crown of Scotland. I now call upon all Scots to unite and let me your rightful king lead you to victory!

Massed Pipes & Drums                             

Farewell to the Creeks

Robert the Bruce - Siege of Stirling Castle - Bannockburn

Robert the Bruce                        

After numerous victories my army lays siege to Stirling Castle and are camped at the Bannockburn. Edward's army is marching towards us. Let us celebrate our victories and prepare for our greatest battle.

Highland Dancers

Argyle Broadswords                                                    

Gaelic Singer - Fiona Darroch

Country Dancers

1314 56 bar Strathspey and Reel                                                           

Robert the Bruce - Bruce's address at Bannockburn

Robert the Bruce                               

Robert the Bruce " It is 1314 and this is our greatest battle these are my words to you brave Scottish soldiers"   John Scott Sing SCOT'S WHA HAE -    3 verses

Massed Pipes & Drums

Scots wha hae (A+B) -        Soloist Piper Jim McIvor                               

Robert the Bruce - victory + Declaration of Arbroath

Robert the Bruce narrates                                            

Following our victory at Bannockburn I became the undisputed King of Scotland and the people of Scotland tasted freedom once again. In 1320 the nobles of Scotland sent a declaration to the pope proclaiming Read from scroll "..As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself". This declaration is known as the Declaration of Arbroath and is still cherished today.

William Wallace - 1297-1997 New Vote for Scottish Parliament

William Wallace - immediately following the Bruce        

Aye and 700 years after my victory at Stirling Bridge the people of Scotland were again able to give voice to their quest for freedom - this time by voting to elect a Scottish Parliament - and with the blessing of the British parliament to which we proudly belong." Freeeeeedom"

Massed Pipes & Drums                                         

Wi' a hundred pipers



Elliot Goldie + Robert Baird and his Scottish Dance Band

Combined Constabulary Bands

Gaelic Vocalist - Fiona Darroch                   

Massed Pipes & Drums                                   

Barren Rocks Of Aden                 

Mairi's Wedding

79th Farewell to Gibraltar

Orange & Blue (2)

The Kilt is my Delight (2)

Green Hills, Battles O'er        

Highland & Country Dancers.

Highland Dancers     Arrangement Corby Dancers                           

Country Dancers      Angus MacLeod (Reel)Duns 500 (Jig/Str.)                        

Highland & Country  Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder All Dancers

Massed Bands (CCB + Pipes)

Highland Cathedral    -       Soloist          P/M Nathan Colbern                            

Amazing Grace         -        Soloist          Piper Olivia McLennan       

Soloists perform from stage.

Elliot Goldie + Robert Baird & his Scottish Dance band

Songs for the audience to sing along words in programme.                       

Combined Constabulary Bands + Soloist Elizabeth Nunns

Rule Britannia                                                                        

Evening Hymn + Sunset                                                            

Lone Piper    -     Steve Waterson    on stage       

Massed Bands (Constabulary Bands + Pipes as appropriate)

National Anthem       -                 All join in                                 

Auld Lang Syne (2 parts)               All join in                                 

Massed Pipes & Drums + Combined Constabulary Band

We're na awa ta bide awa                                                           

Highland Laddie       

Black Bear             

A great night and, "If you love Scotland, you'll want to be here".

Ian McLennan


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