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Edinburgh Usher Hall

Sunday 27 July 2003


Latest: Edinburgh - Off to a prolonged standing ovation!

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A super start to our biggest ever tour, as a super Edinburgh crowd stood and cheered loudly for more.  Their cheers stung the Pipes & Drums into action again and they played Highland Laddie and We're no awa tae bide awa as the rest of the massed performers left the stage and marched through the aisles waving back their appreciation to the still cheering audience.  Next stop Glasgow! 

First feedback from Edinburgh: The volume of sound and the acoustics when the pipers and Brass played Highland Cathedral had my spine tingling - literally - and that doesn't happen very often these days! After the show, I overheard a number of the audience saying how great it was, so you obviously had a lot of happy customers.  

Allan Scott (Scottie of Rampant Scotland)



Click on pictures to enlarge. Pictures courtesy "Scottie"

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Click here for additional  Edinburgh pictures courtesy Andrea Barbour

A wee poem of thanks that made my day.

Dear Ian McLennan We just had to write,

About the show, we saw tonight.

The story of tragedy in old Glencoe

Tho fresh in mind was long ago.

The Campbells and Dalrymple were a scurvy lot,

On Scotland'd history they left a blot!

Which even time's healing grace

Can never condone or even efface

The tears and pain of those who fell

You pictured it very well.

That deed is done - it's in the past

What we wish to praise is your supporting cast.

Arranged on stage - a scene of glory

Truly put the lid upon the story.

With brass band, pipers, dancers galore,

We stood in the aisles and called for more.

Moira and Stuart, voices rich and full

Emma MacInnes with her port a beul.

To all of them, and you ,we say

Thank you for a first class day!


Meanwhile we'll pass on the word, of that no fear

And spirit willing, see you show in the coming year.


Jim & Rose Brown  of Inverkeithing


Edinburgh Performers: Scottish singing stars Moira Kerr & Stuart Barbour
plus Scottish Co-op the Scottish Champion Brass Band, Billy Forsyth's Edinburgh Tattoo Highland Ceilidh Dancers, multi world champions The House of Edgar SHOTTS & DYKEHEAD CALEDONIA Pipe Band
led by P/M Robert Mathieson & World Champion Drummer D/M Jim Kilpatrick. Elite demonstration teams of Royal Scottish Country Dancers and Champion Irish Dancers from the Taylor Academy of Irish Dance.

It was also the debut for National Mod Gold Medal Gaidhlig (Gaelic) Singer EMMA MacINNES from North Uist.  




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