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Emma MacInnes

Gold Medal Singer

Appearing in "Massacre of Glencoe" Tour 

Gaidhlig (Gaelic) National Mod Gold Medal Winner 2002

Emma MacInnes lives in Carinish on the Hebridean Island of North Uist.  Her appearance on BBC TV whilst winning her gold medal at the National Gaelic Mod competition, led promoter Ian McLennan invite her to take part in the "Massacre of Glencoe" Tour.  Although still a young schoolgirl, Emma has plans for her future as an entertainer.  She has already appeared in a BBC Scotland TV drama and, of course, was a featured singer winning her gold medal at Oban.

Emma started singing aged seven and sings at local charity events, ceilidhs and in church.  She is a participant in 'Feis Tir an Eorna', a local organisation offering young people the chance of professional music coaching.  Emma is also a member of the Uist Drama Group and currently attends Paible school which is a Gaidhlig language school.  


Promoter Ian is excited at the prospect of Emma's appearance in The Scottish Tattoo.  "As soon as I saw her on TV, I was captured by her stage presence and ability to get the audience singing and humming along with her.  It was an outstanding performance and throughout, Emma was focussing on different members of the audience and smiling as she sang.  I predict a big future for Emma and one day when she is famous, she might invite me to one of her shows too!"


Emma's chosen songs for The Scottish Tattoo are:

Oran Heisgeir

A song of farewell to an island where the writer had been born and brought up, becoming uninhabited as the people had to move to a larger island to make a living.  Its describes picturesque scenery and the sadness the writewr feels when recalling memories of young and old.


Hi Oro 'Sna Horo Eile

A love song, the tune of which thought by many to be that on which Robert Burns based his song 'Ae fond kiss'.  The girl pledged her love to the young man when she was very young but has not yet won his love in return.  She describes his handsome looks and talents and vows, if they get together, never to be unfaithful to him.


Mo Dhomhnallan Fhein

A love song for a man named Donald - described as her 'kind-hearted rover'.  The girl is devoted to him despite her parents warning that she is a foolish young lass who could do better than this seaman.  Her life would not be worth living without him and this fear is more than realised when the sea is raging. She fears losing him and prays for his safe return.





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