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The Scottish Tattoo - The double sell-out show of 2006

"Celebrate the Tartan"

The emotional story of the Highlanders emigration to USA & Canada

We celebrated Tartan Day in April with our new show for 2006.  The story of the Highlanders emigration is an emotional one.  Their exploits in both USA and Canada, literally shaped those nations.  The reasons for emigration were often painful, however, through the achievements of those early military and economic migrants, the culture of the Highlands has been preserved and is celebrated by people proud to call themselves North American Scottish Highlanders.  We salute you all.

Such was the overwhelming response to "Celebrate the Tartan" in a sold out Salisbury City Hall, that with a few variations, the show made it's debut in Ferneham Hall, Fareham on Sunday 17th September at 7pm. Another sell out audience and another spectacular show.

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Show Detail - Ferneham Hall

P&DsDMVirginiamkgtime.jpg (88959 bytes)Feel the power of the massed Pipes & Drums


BmthConcertBras.jpg (383759 bytes)Be stirred by the military music of West of England Champion Bltcoldavissml.jpg (18185 bytes)and Bournemouth Concert Brass  


Conductor Lieutenant Colonel Chris Davis BA(Hons) MMus DMA LRAM RM Commandant RMSM / Principal Director of Music Royal Marines


ScotCountry2.JPG (188833 bytes)Witness the beauty and grace of Royal Scottish Country and Highland dance with a selection of extraordinary dances to pipes and mouth music


OliviaPipes.JPG (70751 bytes)Let the sound and finger speed of the Scottish Smallpipes in the cultured hands of renowned piper Olivia McLennan B Mus (Hons) ATCL, playing some of her own compositions, take your breath away.  Olivia will also play the Great Highland Pipes for the dancers and appear as the Lone Piper.


IrishDancer.jpg (12417 bytes)Be dazzled by the costumes and energy of the champion Irish Dancers featuring a solo world champion.



ishbelpic1.jpg (14084 bytes)Feel emotion after emotion as the first lady of Highland music Ishbel MacAskill of Lewis, sings from her heart and reaches yours.

Above all listen as the incredible story of the Highlanders who made the journey from their Highland home to the faraway land of North America - and be astonished at their accomplishments.

Our thanks also go to the BBC South TV 'What's On' show for helping spread the word to new enthusiasts, who made the show a sell out.

A copy of "Celebrate the Tartan" CD are available from

Copyright 1999-2006 Ian McLennan, The Scottish Tattoo


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